QR codes (church library on steroids)

Anything that’s worth doing is worth overdoing. So when my wife said she was going to organize our church library, and asked if I’d like to help, it was her misfortune I just read this article on using the mobile SDK to scan QR codes. It was using the custom Merchandise object, and was geared towards retail. I have my certification test coming up June 8th however, and had just spent study time reviewing roles and hierarchies. I immediately laid out my plan to create a mobile app, set up the PhoneGap plugin referenced in the article, assign the librarian role permissions to create new book records, edit record properties, and set up workflow triggers to e-mail patron records associated with book checkout that their books as due for return.

When my wife foolishly asked “Why is that better than a notebook where we just write down the name and phone number of whoever takes a book,” I earnestly replied “Because we’re not cavemen”. Eventually, I did make a well reasoned case how this way staff members only have to bring their smartphone, and training is as simple as taking a picture.

I have a busy couple of days coming up, but Friday will probably be my first chance to start setting up the app. When it’s done, I’ll post a link here.


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