Webinar – Social Enterprise Java Apps on Heroku

I’ll be honest, I’ve never been a Java guy. But I love everything Force.com. When Microsoft announced Project Rosalyn (sometimes misunderstood as an attempt to make a  cloud-based complier), I was excited about the idea of dynamic code generation from user form input (especially now that JavaScript is supported in .net 4.5) in a social setting. Since Heroku runs Node.js, I’ll spend the webinar trying to determine if Visual Studio 11 may be used to write apps that can run on Heroku. If it can, the compiler APIs may be able to create dynamically generated fractal art based on the interaction of the participants (like below)! Plus, James Ward and Anand Bashyam Narasimhan are kings among men.

 There is still time to sign up (it’s free)!

Oops, too late. 🙁

You can still watch the video and code samples. Yea!

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  • The answer is yes. Since the presentation focused on Java, the presenters did a great job showing how an the Eclipse IDE can be connected to Force.com data. They did not demo Visual Studio, but made it clear that the Salesforce and Heroku API would such an interface. See the slides here: