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Lee’s Johari Window 2014

According to Wikipedia:  Johari Window is a tool “to help people better understand their relationship with self and others”. When performing the exercise, subjects are given a list of 56 adjectives and pick five or six that they feel describe their

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Using Apex BusinessHours Class Methods and Custom Setting to Calculate Resolution Date

One common requirement of calculating when a business event like a Case resolution, Task due date, or Opportunity Stage advancement should occur is to exclude weekends and holidays. Things become even more complicated if different types of records for a

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Reduce Response Time and Cost with SmartTemplateLoader and VF Templates in ServiceCloud

The ServiceCloud instance I mentioned in a previous post has about nine agents fielding cases that are resolved primarily through emails from the Case Feed publisher. The case volume for the team is about 500 / week. So, if a

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HealthTrust ServiceCloud

In my role as a developer at Parallon, I was given the chance to implement ServiceCloud for our HealthTrust business unit. Go-live was last Thursday and there were no system issues. So far, over 500 cases have been processed

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Native App Development Webinar

Hybrid apps are great for cross-platform deployment, but sometimes you need that hardware. If your clients have requested such an app, especially one that needs to store offline data securely until a cloud database is accessible, consider signing up here

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Salesforce Mobile SDK Webinar – Book cover shots

As I mentioned, I am building a library app to check out books using QR codes. While researching, I came across a great webinar Sandeep Bhanot and Eugene Oksman introducing the Salesforce Mobile SDK. Of particular interest is that they

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Webinar – How Uses Hadoop

I am particularly interested to see how they use Hadoop to handle the massive data for community based recommendations. I have an idea for a collaborative social app that, if I do it, will require combing through massive GCDB records

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Anything that’s worth doing is worth overdoing. So when my wife said she was going to organize our church library, and asked if I’d like to help, it was her misfortune I just read this article on using the

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Webinar – Social Enterprise Java Apps on Heroku

I’ll be honest, I’ve never been a Java guy. But I love everything When Microsoft announced Project Rosalyn (sometimes misunderstood as an attempt to make a  cloud-based complier), I was excited about the idea of dynamic code generation from

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