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Pass multiple, strongly typed variables from Process Builder & Flow to Apex (and maybe replace some triggers while you’re at it)

Triggers. They’re fast, they’re easy, and if you follow a framework, you can have a lot of control over how they fire. But they can also be a nightmare. If something’s really, really broken, you can get yourself in a situation

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Return Records From Salesforce Analytics API (no SOQL)

SOQL is the best. I mean, Dynamic SOQL? C’mon, that’s just cool. But SOQL has its problems. One big problem is big objects. I mean, more than 200k records big. You start querying that object, and you’re probably get a

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Use Schema Global Variables for Field Labels

VisualForce is on its way out. Lightning is just about mandatory, and JavaScript all the things! Except, there’s still about 9,000 trillion VisualForce pages out there to maintain. To help reduce the amount of time you spend going back and

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Passed Platform Developer I

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Lee’s 10 Rules of Apex

I’ve seen a couple versions of rules developers feel are core to good Apex code. I’d like to throw these into the ring as concepts that have been helpful to me, and that I deviate from at my own peril:

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DEV501 Study Guide

I just passed the DEV 501 multiple choice for Advanced Developer certification. Man, was that a weird test. As opposed to all the cool things Salesforce can do with Heroku Connect or the Tooling API, it wanted to really drill

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Create a configurable InboundEmail Service

The Messaging.InboundEmailHandler interface is cool.  Read more about it here. It allows you to send email to a particular address, then take that email apart and use it’s pieces to interact with any of your objects in any way you can

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Set the Content Type in Header for Apex REST POST Request

Jeff Douglas (as usual) has an excellent Apex POST request example at his blog. It demonstrates how to perform callouts during trigger execution. The example is missing one thing, however, that can be critical to the ability of the service

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Lee’s Johari Window 2014

According to Wikipedia:  Johari Window is a tool “to help people better understand their relationship with self and others”. When performing the exercise, subjects are given a list of 56 adjectives and pick five or six that they feel describe their

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Using Apex BusinessHours Class Methods and Custom Setting to Calculate Resolution Date

One common requirement of calculating when a business event like a Case resolution, Task due date, or Opportunity Stage advancement should occur is to exclude weekends and holidays. Things become even more complicated if different types of records for a

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